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Last Year This Year

Posted: February 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

Progress was slow during 2016 but the net result ended up in the plus column. After being out of the country for 7 weeks, upon arrival plans were made to sell our house. A new residence was secured with a dedicated train room (yay wife!). Not only did the move take some time, but the layout got a bit roughed up in the process.




So after a rush of progress to start of the year, last year’s projects kind of stalled:

  • Redoing city streets, finishing buildings and detailing (urban renewal)
  • Adding an staging oval (now since abandoned)
  • Finishing ol’ number 703
  • Finishing Morden diorama
  • Making an OO scale London Underground exhibition layout

Life has stabalized now and the 2017 agenda is shaping up so:

  • Cleaning up the bumps and bruises from the move
  • Preparing the train room and workshop
  • Urban Renewal
  • Finishing ol’ number 703
  • Redoing Morden station (didn’t like the quality) and finishing the diorama
  • Starting London Underground exhibition layout
  • Track plan for new layout
  • Start of benchwork for new layout

So let’s follow the progress and see how far I get.


SID Bought by White City lines

Posted: February 19, 2017 in Uncategorized


The Southside Industrial District has been acquired by CSX’s Terminus Subdivision. The loosely connected collection of companies on the city’s south side form an urban industrial park on the south side of the city adjacent to Du Pont’s Washington Works plant. The Industrial District will connect to the subdivision at a still to be defined junction.

Says Rich Erwin, CEO of the District, “We are excited about the future of the Southside Industrial District. Being the newest member of the CSX family will increase our much needed commercial traffic with new connections to the city and beyond. With the development of the White City Loop around Midtown and the addition of the Industrial District, we know CSX is committed to growing its business and a strong future.”

CSX Terminus Subdivision has recently announced plans to develop the White City Loop around and through Midtown. CSX already has long haul Amtrak, commuter, tram, and subway service in the city, in addition to its award winning freight operations. This comes at the same time as the city’s rejuvenation of the mixed-use Chesapeake Wharf area.